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Negotiator par excellence

David Han Paraguay Entrepreneur Negotiator par excellence

The story of David Han presents an arduous and sinuous road, which led him to move from a comfortable life to his 15 years, to have to fight on his own when his parents were bankrupt. Only in Paraguay begins at age 18 to work as a seller in the market 4 marketing bijouterie as a wholesaler; with the soul of an entrepreneur that characterizes him, this lasted only a year because he decides to become independent, to continue exploiting his powerful negotiating mind.

The Jeans factory

There he perceives the business of manufacturing jeans once his father's work. He went to his father's old abandoned warehouse and collecting scrap metal and buying spare parts, he set up a workshop where he starts working with 2 rolls of cloth. Ten people in Fernando de la Mora make up the project that will be called ÑAMOPU'A PARAGUAY S.A. He starts by offering jeans to his dad's old clients in Ciudad del Este and Encarnación in the interior, and in Mercado 4 de Asunción. Today its employees are 300 directly and indirectly, and that old workshop abandoned today are 20 workshops.

Stitching detail of jeans pocket
Working woman in Jeans Making Workshop Paraguay South America

Acquisition of an important Shopping Center

At only 29 years old, David acquires two of the most important shopping centers in the city of Asuncion together with two corporate partners. In said company, called JAHAKE PARAGUAY S.R.L. They have 200 places to rent and give the possibility of direct and indirect work to 600 people. In addition, the medium-term project is already conceived and it is a 20-storey Shopping on the market 4.

Facade gallery bonanza shopping mall market 4 Asunción Paraguay

Shopping París

To the aforementioned activities, the largest undertaking started in the eastern part of our country, called Shopping París, is now added. At the commercial level it is strategically located and has all the amenities to accommodate customers, in a space that with some modifications and extensions could easily reach 70,000 m2; more than 22,169 square meters of parking stand out, which allows receiving 1,500 vehicles and 30 correctly located buses.

Today the entrepreneurial group seeks to establish presence in the capital of the country, so Shopping París has arrived to Asunción, placing itself in one of the most sought-after properties in the city. Located in the area of Aviadores del Chaco and San Martín.

The business concept offered by the Shopping París (Asunción) will be aimed at a medium-high socioeconomic segment and will provide in a first stage, basic accessories for the house, cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, bazaar items, characterized by offering products of Korean origin.

Shopping Paris Asunción
Shopping Center Paraguay

David Han - Social Responsibility

Donation to the Ministry of Health, 500 test units to detect the coronavirus

The Ministry of Public Health (MSP) received a donation of 500 laboratory test units for the detection of coronavirus, made by citizen David Han, an investor in Paraguay and ad honorem advisor for Trade Relations and Investment of the Embassy of Paraguay in Korea jointly with the Ñamopua Py SA Jeans Industry and Ciudad del Este Shopping Paris.

The donation was delivered to the Ministry of Public Health through a note of acceptance by the minister of said portfolio, Julio Mazzoleni.

“The characteristics of these samples are very difficult to obtain in the international market, since everyone is in a state of emergency and they are of excellent quality. They are from Korea ”. Comments, David Han, director of the company Ñamopu’ã Paraguay S.A. y Shopping París.

Noticias sobre el futbol en el Paraguay

David Han Paraguay - Dabizzo destaca puntos clave
Berizzo destaca los puntos claves del mejor partido de Paraguay

Berizzo resaltó el enorme trabajo colectivo y cómo Paraguay le hizo la vida imposible a una selección de Chile que está acostumbrada a dominar en varios partidos.

David Han, Paraguay
El increíble caño de Arzamendia a Di María

El futbolista de Cerro Porteño, volvió a demostrar que su tarea no es solo defender y que talento sobra en el n.19.

David Han, Paraguay
Marcos Cáceres no aceptó la oferta de Cerro y ya tiene nuevo club

El futbolista de 35 años finalmente no aceptó la oferta que le había ofrecido el Ciclón y decidió cortar su ciclo en Barrio Obrero.

Turismo y cultura en el Paraguay

Conozca más acerca de nuestro Paraguay a través de la historia, lugares históricos y turísticos de sus distintos departamentos.

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David Han - Profesor de cirugía, radiología, etc

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